Women’s fashion jackets, coats and down jackets

It was cold in Ukraine, and we are waiting for the real cold and lukewarm battery. Let’s warm up. Recently we did a post on men’s jackets. and today published an article on women’s jackets, coats and down jackets.

What is the main task of women? To preserve the beauty and seductiveness, regardless of the situation in the world and low temperature outside the window.

We have selected 10 of the most stylish options outerwear for women.

Short ladies down jacket, Garcia Jeans

Beautiful and practical this color aubergine brown women’s jacket, and fitted silhouette will appeal to all ladies who love to boast beautiful thighs. The jacket nepodrajaemyi the bottom and clerk (they cuffs-elastic bands); convenient pockets and stand-up collar. Peculiar brand of high quality materials, excellent fittings and reliable lines.

Coat with a chic, functional collar, Garcia Jeans

Luxury coat color powder, with a dark knit collar, which can always be nicely shielded from the wind or snow. Fitted silhouette. The correct length (mid-thigh). Two rows of painted buttons.

Hollow jacket-leather jacket with a large hood, Garcia jeans

Stylish embroidered patterned lines of women’s jackets with the big warm collar and hood. The jacket ends stylish belt. Cuffs on the sleeves are wide and that is called, “prominent”, why the jacket is very similar to professional flight clothing women pilots.

Quality materials, interesting styling and excellent fittings.

Women’s clothing, Garcia Jeans

For the most sexy girls in the world Garcia brand Jeans will always offer something special. Here is how this cool leather coat sand color with a huge collar of genuine wolf fur. The coat oduwaiye cuff. His pockets are closed with a zipper.


Soft and comfortable padded women’s coat with stand collar and a beautiful lining faux fur. The product is large, eye-catching buttons and interesting finish.

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