Womens coats wholesale

Company producer Mari-Nika is womens coats wholesale and retail. Coat custom made from modern materials with regard to fashion and requirements of buyers. Different models, fabrics and colors allow you to choose a coat for autumn and spring.

A woman always remains a woman, and even in the cold and dreary the autumn and winter we want to look stylish and elegant. Nothing will accentuate the figure and will not save you from the chilling winds as winter coats. Of course, modern women have to wear a lot of requirements: female coat must be comfortable, beautiful, to save you from wind and cold, as well as to protect from rain and snow.

The company’s designers Mari-Nika studied consumer wishes and created a collection of womens coats that can satisfy the most discerning fashionista. Fine line cut, ease of care and modern materials is the secret ruler fashionable coat from Mari-Nika.

The collection of women’s winter coats from Mari-Nika contains a variety of models. In presenting the line-up is a fashionable coat, which can easily appreciate traditional features. Combined with understated colors data fitted extra long model will attract admirers of eternal values – classical style in clothes.

For those of you who gave his heart to the sports style, Mari-Nika offers a dynamic not hinder the movement of the model. Moderate length, bright colors – all this makes a fashionable coat is convenient for the urban rhythm of life.

Beautiful and fashionable outerwear must first create warmth and comfort to its owner. Water-repellent impregnation, lacquer effect and environment friendly and warm material hollofayber – womens coats from Mari-Nika warm in any cold. Moreover, these coats are easily erased even in the machine and dry quickly, without losing from wash to wash their wonderful qualities.

The newest collection of women’s coats have already appeared on the shelves of the stores in your city, so bought a coat from Mari-Nika will not be difficult. Reasonable prices for high-quality and fashionable clothing is the main principle of work of the fashion house Mari-Nika. Winter coat from Mari-Nika – is comfort and warmth even in the most severe cold.

Buy coat wholesale

The company Mari-Nika invites to cooperation of regional dealers and retailers of Russia and the near abroad. The proposed collection of winter coats are created taking into account the climatic features of the middle zone. The marketing company was studied demand for coats, water-repellent, and on the basis of these studies created a collection of coats 2013 – 2014. It meets all the consumer wishes: outerwear from Mari-Nika easy to use, matches the fashion trends, easy care. Besides winter coat from Mari-Nika easily combined with a variety of accessories, so suitable for a wide range of consumers.

We offer coats wholesale at incredibly low prices. This model winter coats meet the requirements of today’s consumer market: excellent fit, well-crafted seams, high quality material with an aqueous impregnation, as well as modern insulation holofiber. Winter coat from Mari-Nika likes to consumers, and therefore buying coats wholesale will provide an excellent basis for the autumn-winter collection of any clothing store. Thoughtful range of sizes will help women’s coats from Mari-Nika to find a buyer.

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