Women’s clothing big sizes

The company “Intikam” – Russian manufacturer of women’s clothing big sizes, was founded in 1990. Women’s clothes of the big sizes – our main professional direction. Corporate identity products “Intikam” is the embodiment of ideas of our designers about modern women, business and energetic, which in any situation should look attractive and elegant feel comfortable and confident. The company “Intikam produces women’s clothing from 50 to 64 size.

If You are interested in women’s clothes of the big sizes, all collections “Intikam” can be found in our catalog.

The company’s products “Intikam” is a classic women’s tracksuits big sizes, knitted dresses and tunics, tunics and capes, clothes for work in the office, business class, elegant and festive models, clothing weekend. “Intikami”, you can buy the latest collection designed by artists and designers of our company who keep up with key trends in the global fashion industry. The collection is constantly updated and changed according to the season. Products “Intikami” distinguishes a good quality tailoring, excellent fit and use the latest fabrics. We have an excellent ratio of price and quality.

We are the direct manufacturer of women’s clothing big sizes and sell our clothing wholesale. All our models have been created and implemented in our design lab in the Baltic States. Our more than 20 years experience in the development of collections of women’s clothing big sizes allow us to confidently and firmly occupy a niche on the Russian market of women’s clothing. Our network of customers and partners is still developing and we are confident that we will be happy to meet the ladies in many parts of Russia where our products are not present. We are the best partner for all existing and potential clients, entrepreneurs and companies working in the field of fashion and trade women’s clothing big sizes . We always listen to the opinions and requests of our wholesalers and partners in terms of implementation, work with warehouse program and shipped our model in the shortest possible time through any transport company.

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