The skirt is a piece of clothing that covers the lower part of the body, from the waist to the bottom. Some modern skirt no bigger than the palm of your hand, and looks more like a loincloth, while on the skirts of the past centuries have gone to several tens of meters of fabric. To this amount of fabric to put on the fashion required a rigid frame that is why there are various devices for skirts. Fashion and technology are always side by side, feeding each other ideas and innovations, and therefore the shape of the frames vary from era to era.

First, the time frame was panier. Although frameworks for skirts existed before the eighteenth century. but the design panier known for certain. It was a circular frame made of metal or wooden hoops fastened together by ribbons. Petticoats were worn over the Pannier. Ladies of that time had to master the art of walking so that the skirt swayed, and was opened to the gaze of the curious, the lower edge of the skirt, the tip of the shoes or even the ankle.

Hoop skirts

In the future, the size of the skirts began to increase due to lateral inserts, but it was flattened in front and behind. For such

fashionable silhouette had to come up with Hoop skirts, which were made from whalebone. Hoop skirts were able to emerge, as not all doors could miss such a fluffy skirt, I’m not talking about the door in coaches and carriages. Hoop skirts were mounted on hinges, and ladies elbows squeezed them, if necessary. Unlike panier, Hoop skirts were worn over petticoats.

The third time appearing in Vogue, is the crinoline. He appeared in the middle of the XIX century. The crinoline known even to the author, it was Charles worth. It consists of a light metal hoops fastened together by tape, resembled a cage. Later, the worth has improved crinoline so that from the front, it was more flat, and the rear is larger. Thus, the skirt got the train and had become immense size. For convenience, the author came up with the hinges, which were clenched and unclenched as required hoops skirts.

Replaced the crinoline came a bustle. By the way, its inventor was, all the same, the Royal couturier – worth.

A bustle was the design of the pads or small metal frame in the form of a grid, which was attached to the corset in the lumbar region. He was allowed to create a fashionable S-shaped silhouette that is so popular in the late nineteenth century.

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