Thin women is not in fashion today!

You can continue saying that losing weight for the sake of capricious fashion, for the sake of career, or to spite her friend, in fact, all your flour diet-fitness only to like “he’. And what about your desperate struggle for slender legs and thin waist think themselves men? To them the word!

Dmitry Kolyadenko: “Thin women is not in fashion today!»

The choreographer, the Director of her own ballet.

Age — 35 years.

Marital status — not married.

Son Philip.

Ex-wife — choreographer Elena Kolyadenko.

Ex-girl-friend — singer Iryna Bilyk.

In show business it for 15 years and knows many of the secrets of Ukrainian stars: who loses, who much it weighs and what he eats for Breakfast. But about all this “thinner” epic Dmitry Kolyadenko has an opinion.

Dima, how do you feel about full girls?

I have absolute confidence that there are no ugly women in General: there are thin, fat, tall, small, but God made it so that the woman was and remains the most beautiful creature on the planet.

Still in drama school my most excellent teacher was a woman, with a very curvaceous. About herself jokingly said, “a Good man the more, the better.

Tell me, when meeting a girl for you, its important weight?

I don’t often get acquainted with girls because. (long pause) because because. I can say this as a man: many of us like women with curvaceous — with large Breasts, large hips, high growth. When a woman Plumpy — it’s nice, soft and warm.

What do you think show business is full of women can survive?

In modeling there is no — there is its format 90-60-90. On the stage, too, all strive to be thin, slender, but not necessarily.

For example, Edith Piaf was very small, but charmed the audience with his voice and talent. Most importantly, the man was the talent, creativity and charisma.

And what he forms — it does not matter.

A vivid example — amazing Georgian singer Nino Katamadze, I love it! To call her slender impossible, but when she sings, I completely forget what she looks like. She charms his magic voice, moreover, when it speaks, it is interesting to listen to.

And I really like it when a woman can listen when it is agreeable, generous, good. That’s the main thing! And let girls and women are not worried about their weight and not torment yourself with diets — if she is cheerful and kind, she has all the cards to appeal to men.

The woman should be a woman and not a skeleton.

And you forced their women to lose weight?

My second wife (Irina Bilyk) was constantly on diet because I wanted to be very thin. And I always strove to put her more porridge in a bowl or salad, so she ate well. I, on the contrary, worried that she exhausts diets. It’s always noticeable when the woman wants to eat, and I saw how she refused to eat, and I felt sorry for her.

Moreover, I have read a lot of information about what is harmful to constantly lose weight — the body does not disappoint. But if you really want — OK. Then go to plastics Adachi fat. But I think it is of no benefit to the female body. But you never gave her condition: slim! Never. I now worry himself. After the winter holidays looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Kolyadenko, enough! It’s time to get into shape!»

And you admit the extra weight from yourself?

I can be so. I repeat the words of my teacher: “a Good man the more, the better.

How do you feel about the appearance of anorexic women in show business?

Can’t say that it is beautiful. Besides, there are many cases of anorexia leads to sad consequences, including death.

All of America is aware that the models cannot be so bad, but they still torture yourself. Well why. Look at yourself—you skeleton! Sure, men don’t like “love” with a washboard. It’s not very fun.

And you know a victim of diets?

No. In my ballet four girls. They look good, take care of themselves, engaged on simulators, work a lot on stage. But they are not thin. On the stage should be “meat” — it attracts!

And a woman should look healthy, with a blush on her face. Thin women is not in fashion today. Who, in your opinion, from famous women has the perfect figure? I was not stripped of many famous women. and what shape they hide under the dresses, I don’t know. But now they undress themselves.

In my rating in the first place Dasha Astafieva group “Nikita”. Its attractiveness recognized by the whole world, and the figure she really superb. But I can’t say that it is thin, — she is young, healthy, beautiful.

So after all, what would you recommend to our readers: to weight or not to weight?

“Girls: don’t lose weight!” — and write. On the contrary, cook more, better feed their husbands and children, of course, do not abuse. Go on salads, rice with vegetables, fish, abstain from meats, flour products, sugar, vitamin drink and make love. But to train don’t stop!

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