Tailoring to order sale in Almaty.


The company ’Almaty safety trade» since 2009, develops and manufactures professional corporate clothing premium .

Our specialty is designing and sewing clothes to order. it ’Almaty safety trade» produces clothing for companies, for which the corporate identity of the employees is an important factor in the work and tool in bright, solid positioning.

The main competence of our company is to create a modern, high-tech innovative product that meets the highest world-class quality standards.

Uniqueness ’Almaty safety trade” – this is a production service for a particular Client even minimal bulk, in some cases in a single exclusive instance.

The company ’Almaty safety trade»

first started working in the premium segment of the market of clothing.

first he created his own design Bureau to develop professional and overalls.

the first was to work with unique designers of the city

one of the few companies today offering its customers a production order of 10 units of the same model.

the first changed the approach in the development of protective clothing for TOP-managers and brought to market a new product-Suite – VIP-set, clothes for senior management

Since 2010 main activity of LLP ” Almaty safety trade” — sewing uniforms and clothing.

Sewing uniforms involves a complex process involving professional appearance design of products, design of highly skilled technologists, thorough and neat job of tailors and seamstresses, using modern sewing equipment. Our company provides sewing clothes in Almaty with all existing requirements and strict standards. Moreover, sophisticated and streamlined workflow allows to minimize the cost of production and carry out its implementation at competitive prices.

In a wide range of products ’Almaty safety trade» includes the following types of clothing: uniforms waiter, courier, employees of hotels and entertainment venues, gas stations and eateries, as well as summer/winter for representatives of the building trades, staff, service stations, road workers and other

Clothing — custom uniforms for various purposes. This includes protective clothing — suits, gloves, boots, armlets; working clothes — coats, overalls, corporate clothing — sets, emphasizing belonging to a particular firm. The basic qualities should it have — the convenience and practicality, ensuring comfort and easy care uniform kit.

An interesting proposal for advertising agencies and companies involved in promoting their own brand, it is varied and original promotional clothing and related accessories.

In a manufacturing company ’Almaty safety trade» you can order sewing lots of clothing, designed to perform various types of skilled and unskilled jobs.

In addition, we have been manufacturing school uniforms, costumes, hats, sews Jersey and curtains. As an additional service clients are offered interior design, logos, corporate identity development costumes. Any clothing can be manufactured according to individual sketches customers.

All shaped and working suits are made by our experts from materials of excellent quality, with high physical and operational characteristics, which serve as collateral for the duration of service and preservation of the impeccable appearance of employees.

The image of each company, its difference from competitors, customer loyalty and partners is largely determined by the appearance of the employees. Any variants of products from the company ’Almaty safety trade”— this is the style, quality, comfort and affordable prices!

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