Swimwear 2014: bikini back

Probably many have heard about the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim is one of the most popular fashion shows, where tanned models in bikini defile on the background of sparkling chrome and lacquer Mercedes. And, of course, swimwear, demonstrated at this podium, set the tone for the entire beach season 2014.

Bikini this season, have a special fashion. One of the trends this summer season maximum openness, and bikini like no other beach attire, meets this requirement. The choice presented to the fashionistas this season is big enough.

Pale pink swimsuit with color inserts and tape on the bottoms from Agua Bendita will not impress a girl. Pink color preferred and designer Dolores Corts – its model is an open bodice and trunks connected diagonally by a narrow strip of cloth. Very original solution – not quite a bikini, but not closed swimsuit.

He returned to the fashion fabric “predatory” colors. This trend applies not only to swim, but also to other items of clothing. As for swimwear, it is a striking example is the model from Caff Swimwear – bikini bodice with strapless and bottoms decorated with two narrow black years at the sides, made of fabric with small black spots of brown on a white background. Another color scheme offers Zingara Swimwear – separate bathing suit, decorated in black and white. Leopard black and white ruffles adorn the sides of the bottoms and the bodice, moving to the last in the straps, and is perfectly complemented by the floral pattern is the same contrasting color to the main part of the bikini.

But Nicolita Swimwear presents pure black swimsuit. Strict restraint colors compensated lace trim and no strapless. Prefer black and Agua Bendita – absolute minimalism combined with fluttering ribbons just attracts the eye to the owner of this outfit.

Absolutely luxurious swimsuit – black with gold detail on the bottoms – demonstrates Beach Bunny. Built on contrasts of black and hot pink and the Aqua Di Lara with a very interesting placement of accents.

Very original style swimsuit from Maaji Swimwear – top, more like a short shirt with shaped cut under the breast in pink and blue pastel palette gives the girl a touch of sexuality. And white, black dotted bikini from Nicolita Swimwear, embellished with a large asymmetric bow, looks like a model of elegance.

And finally, you should pay attention to the swimsuit in pink and purple colors from Aqua Di Lara. As well as stunning bikini, created by designer Beach Bunny fabric bright colors, trimmed with black braid, absolutely incredible style.

All these models swimwear will undoubtedly find their buyers in the summer of 2014.

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