Skirts and shorts.

Skirt – clothes, extant since the first States. The era of ancient Egypt, considered the era of transformation loincloth in front, and then in what we call a skirt. The simplest definition: Skirt – it is a garment covering the lower part of the body, not covering the crotch. Often, skirt, contrasting trousers. Such moments are present even in religious doctrines. Previously it was thought that the press – native men’s clothing for the legs and skirt – female. Over time, fashion has achieved equality in the wearing of trousers and pants. But nothing like this happened with a skirt. To this day, skirt, remains a symbol of femininity and beauty. In addition to colors, different skirt style, silhouette and length. Moreover, the lengthof the skirt – there are a defining part of the whole composition. Wearing a mini-skirt, for example, to negotiate, you have to make an effort to be taken seriously. Conversely, wearing a long skirt in a nightclub, you are unlikely to impress zajigatelnie the dance floor.

Shorts – from the English. short — it ’short . Kind of cropped trousers or pants. In other words: the kind of shortened service for the feet. The essence of such trends are clear: in the summer, long pants very uncomfortable because of the heat. And designers of the time they just shortened significantly revealing legs, but keeping the top of the trousers or pants. Shorts, like their predecessors, have long ceased to be traditionally male attire. Here are the main types of shorts:

-Classic shorts – opens legs to the middle or 2/3 of the thigh.

Mini-shorts – shorts, which are fully open thighs.

-Bermuda – simple shorts, the length of which is slightly above the knees. Made from strong, dense materials. Not to be confused with the classic shorts.

Sports shorts (boxers) – it should be noted that in different sports wear different shorts. Differ in convenience for concrete action. For example: Jogging pants radically different from basketball: length (mini/knee), materials (dense, light/heavy mesh) and by appointment.

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