Short wedding dresses

Wedding dress, How many legends, superstitions, different take associated with it. This is not just a garment, the garment with great value and deep meaning. And so each woman choosing a wedding dress for yourself, just swainsdale, performs a special ritual. The variety of models is almost unlimited. And every bride must decide for themselves in what way she will appear in front of their loved ones. Modern wedding dress will help you to create the image of a fairy, Princess or fun Flirty girls. As can be soft and romantic, mechtatelnitsa. This is a special dress, which is worn only once, but should be remembered for a long time, maybe forever. Therefore, the requirements for it special.

Of course, fashion is changing, but for wedding dresses, any drastic changes are not happening. Traditionally in their manufacture are the same fabric, silk, satin, chiffon, taffeta. Changing only the silhouette. So since the twenties of the last century along with the classic long dresses began to appear dresses with shorter hems. The first designer short wedding dresses have become a famous Coco Chanel. She suggested as alternatives to the classic along to the bride, modest direct white dress length just below the knee, decorated with ruffles and embroidery. This dress was offered veil with orange blossom slightly reminiscent of a bowler hat, pulled down over his forehead.

The sixties – a time of minimalism. And wedding dress also responds in this fashion. It is concise, without any frills, simple shapes and the shortest.

In the seventies dresses brides were decorated with embroidery. Appeared folk motifs in the decoration of the dress.

Since 2008, more and more designers pay attention to short wedding dress and offer them in their new collections.

And in 2010, short wedding dresses are at the height of his popularity.

For a romantic and tender brides, suit dress from Oscar de la Renta. They combine incongruous. Luxury and simplicity. Open shoulders and legs of these models emphasize the beauty of the female figure. Skirt wedding dresses like exotic flowers, accentuate a glance at the slim waist of the bride. And more than compensate for its apparent modesty and simplicity of short dresses.

Girls seeking originality and wishing to emphasize their sexuality and elegance, you should pay attention to the collection of wedding dresses, which represents American designer Carolina Herrera. Wedding satin sheath dress with a minimum of decoration and decorated with lace will help you to create just such a way.

Asymmetric short dress in the Greek style suit humble and exalted personages. Such models offered in the collection, Alber Elbaz, has attracted a lot of attention.

Looking chic and luxury brides, you can offer gown from Alberta Ferretti. Top dress trimmed with rich embroidery and rhinestones so that there is no need to add some precious jewelry. And you should also look at the short wedding dress designer Vera Wang. Carefully crafted and skillfully decorated with details of the outfits are a work of art.

Feminine dresses in the style of the fifties with a fluffy short skirts from Candy Anthony, highlighting the charm of youth and children’s enthusiasm, and at the same time, the original will appeal to the young Princess.

Such well-known fashion houses like Valentino, Versace and others, I propose to combine short dress with a long veil. In such outfits married many famous Hollywood actress and model.

So if you have a beautiful figure, it makes no sense to hide it under classic long dress. Feel free to choose for an unforgettable day of your wedding fashion that fits your style short dress and admire his views all around. Become for all and first of all for her beloved, the object of worship and wonder.

And another advantage of short wedding dresses. If you choose your dress is not the traditional white, and would prefer something more original, then it can seem like it at a party or cocktail party.


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