Military Land – Internet-shop service in military style and casual, the famous German brands. Our customers can see new collections of such brands as Thor Steinar, Alpha Industries, Doberman”s Aggressive and Rusultras.

Military style clothing, or military style originates in the first half of the last century. That’s when factories converted to the needs of the army, could not immediately be retrained, after the war, production of regular service. The reasons for this were shortages of supplies, lack of materials and fabrics, this forced them to make clothes out already don’t need uniforms. Altered from the form of skirts, coats, children’s clothes, due to its practicality and convenience, become popular all over the postwar world.

Much later, the military style is experiencing another surge in popularity, it’s due to be the American teenagers. In 60-ies of the last century wave rises against the Vietnam war, and military clothing becomes a kind of symbol of this struggle.

Even after some time, the military style was noticed by trendsetters, most of which are immediately included it in their new collections. Modern man, far from the wars and global conflicts, the designers offer a more comfortable, adapted to our life style. Separately, it can be noted that military style long since left the shop Windows service, firmly entrenched in other areas of human activity, after looking carefully the details can be found almost everywhere – from design to engineering.

No less popular today clothes in casual style. Choosing this direction, You will feel more relaxed and confident. Casual. unlike military style. was not forced, it was created for the convenience and comfort of those who chose it for everyday wear.

Our store offers a wide range of clothing, presents well-known European brands. On pages of our shop You can find everything you need to create your individual style.

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