Master-class for pregnant singakerta

Loved the pattern of this jacket for pregnant women, as it is multifunctional, has a box on his big belly, additionally you can sew lingosteve to carry the child, and also it can great to wear without inserts as a regular jacket. For sewing the jacket and inserts on the abdomen it took me 2 meters of fabric, also needed the same split lightning (all inserts are held on the lightning), the insulation alphalux 200, lining, finished pattern from the “Box”.

Cut out the pattern, glued all the parts

Begraven the details of the jacket, giving the seam

On the basic details begraven insulation and nametype it inside out details of the large stitches.Jacket winter, so I use a thick insulation

For the manufacture of pockets begraven 4 details mesculin pockets, 2 rectangles for the leaves from the calculation of length = the length of the entrance to the pocket + 2cm seam allowance at the side sections of leaves, width = double the width of the leaves in finished form +2 cm for seam allowance the attaching. Begraven a strip of insulation on the size of the leaves in finished form, 2 parts valance from main jackets fabrics (that was not visible lining burlap pockets).

Protecive the valance to the burlap on both parts, the allowance attracive close to the line.

The jacket note the chalk line the entrance to the pocket and the width of the leaves in finished form. Leaves with insulation press out in half, note the leaves and masculino line of the attaching lines.

Overlay detail burlap pocket with valance and detail of the leaves on the jacket face down, aligning the line protecive, the attaching line must coincide with the marking lines on the jacket and terminate at transverse lines.

On the leaf overlay the second piece of burlap and protecive it in place of attaching the leaves.

Cut the log into his pocket, not reaching 1.5-2 cm, forming the corners. Gut-wrenching details of his pocket, pulls the ends of the leaves and fasten them together with corners. Grind off the parts of neskowin pockets.

Pocket the leaflets is difficult enough to make for coating fabric with insulation, and if You haven’t sewn, it is best to first practice on other tissues not to accidentally spoil the product))

At this stage I decided the jacket a little protegat since the fabric was chosen to be very thin, but better to do it before making pockets. For postegivaniya jackets note on the face of the detail lines through identical intervals (I have 12 cm) and stitch on these lines, together with the insulation of a large stitch.

Grind off the shoulder cuts, vacuem sleeve can sleeve to vsetaty.

Single stitching, combining lines of stitches, grind off the side sections of the jacket and cuts the sleeves.

Grind off the parts of the hood face down

Grind off the parts of the lining of the hood.

Stowable hood and lining the inside face and connected by stitching.

Lining of the hood needs to be cut less than the principal details on the allowance for bending kuliski. Set eyelets

Promethium ACC on waistband, stretch elastic cord to tie through eyelets mounted clamps, the ends of the cord fixed.

Join the lining with the jacket. Protecive bottom padding to the bottom of the jacket, grind the slices of the sleeves.

Stitch the bottom of the sleeve, can be inserted into the bottom gum.

I decided to add to the jacket collar. To do this, cut a strip of length equal to the length of the neck and double-width rack, also a strip of insulation.

Protecive the hood to the neck, then protecive one slice of the collar in the same line of the attaching of the hood.

Combine the neck padding with the second cut of a collar, don’t forget to stitch a loop.

Protecive sliced podborov to the band lightning, paving line in the first line of the attaching zipper, twisting the jacket through the unsewn hole in the side seam of the lining.

Prometium the bottom of the jacket, install the clamps, skip and fasten the cord.

Stitch the bottom of the jacket so that the cord was in the waistband.

Along the zipper give the finishing line on the width of the presser foot, stitch the collar on the neck, thereby connecting it, paving line to line of the attaching collar.

Sew up the hole for reversing, deleted threads, traces of chalk, the jacket is ready.

Insert pregnancy

In the last months of pregnancy is very useful to insert on a big belly. Sew the insert need this same fabric and the same zipper, and the jacket. Begraven three parts of the insertion of the principal, lining fabric and insulation.

Insulation nametype on the underside of the main part.

Tack and pristraivaemy part of the zipper to the main part, the thread primitivne removed.

Protecive lining, superimposing his face on the front side of the insert, which is inserted in line line attaching the zipper, leaving the unsewn hole for reversing (10-15cm).

Turns the insert on the front side, blind stitches to sew up the hole for reversing. Along the zippers give the finishing stitches for the width of the foot.

The jacket is finished, it is very convenient because it can be worn and not during pregnancy, wearing the box on the stomach – in the last months of pregnancy and can make additional lingosteve to carry the baby.

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