Fashionable clothing from China

All the more firmly grounded in international fashion in China. Many manufacturers brands aspire to China to get the cheapest Dessau production and high quality. Actively develops and native Chinese fashion, which combines a lot of different directions:

* East neighbors in the face of Japan and South Korea to actively change the youth fashion. It reveal trends anime. It is enough for children and puppet style, which is expressed in minimalism and various decorations. Solid service, decorated with ruffles and bows typical for young people of school age in China.

* Ethnically motivated. The outfits clearly visible touch of local styles that were in Vogue in China Millennium. Continue reading

National Korean Clothing

Strolling through the streets of South Korea to see girls dressed in modern jeans, mini skirts, and elegant costumes, from the collection of the latest Western trends. However, on the background of the people in the usual European clothes, stand out vividly the people wearing national Korean clothing hanbok or Nabok. Hanbok is a traditional clothing that is worn Koreans in a solemn and public holidays: weddings, new year or thanksgiving.

Women’s hanbok consists of a spacious skirt that wraps around the body, and the jacket is similar to the Bolero. This is called chima-Chogori. The skirt is called in Korean-China and jacket – Chogori. Murshidabad consists of a short jacket and a spacious press, which in Korean is called paji and really need to fit tightly to the ankles. As the hanbok, has no pockets, women and men use “small bags” of various types, the so-called cumani. Basically “handbags” are of two types: circular and polygonal. They are sure to be drawn out and embellished with embroidery. These ornaments in the form of complex, carefully executed knots and tassels symbolizing various status and gender of the bearer of this subject.

It is known that the Koreans wore traditional clothing from the period of the three kingdoms (57 BC-668 ad). The people of the Kingdom of Goguryeo (37H. BC – 668 BC) wo Continue reading

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