High fashion or Ready-to-wear

Haute couture or Ready-made dress / Pret-a-Porter aka Ready to wear (Robert Altman / Robert Altman) / 1994 / USA / Comedy, drama / DVD9 / EN, FR, sp

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Year: 1994

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy, drama

Duration: 02:07:11

Translation: Professional (vociferous, voice)

Russian subtitles: feature

Director: Robert Altman / Robert Altman

Starring: Marcello Mastroianni, Segio, Sophia Loren – Isabella De La Fonte, Jean – Pierre Cassel, Olivier De La Fonte, Kim Basinger – kitty Potter, Julia Roberts, Anne Eisenhower, Tim Robbins – Joe Flynn, Rupert Everett Jack Lowenthal, Lili Taylor Fiona Ulrich, Lyle Lovett – Quint, Anouk Aimee – Simon Loewenthal, Ute Lemper – Albertina

Description: the Action of this film takes place in different countries and cities, from Moscow, where will destiny hero falls Marcello Mastroianni, and ending with the European capital of fashion, Paris… Exactly 31 celebrity gladly played the role in the film’s most outstanding Director-satirist Robert aultman. The story was called kinematical, and indeed in the movie are so many events and so many of the characters collide and diverge that briefly retell the whole story is impossible. But still…

In Paris grandiose event: started international exhibition of fashion. This event is a can’t miss no self-respecting star. From all over the world in the capital of France attracts celebrities: here is the most famous fashion designers and popular movie stars, and snobby millionaires, and enticing mannequins, and extravagant artists, journalists of different suits and Amateurs gatherings. Show in Paris – this is a demonstration of the most stunning collections and vanity fair, show high passions and low defects, kaleidoscope luxurious gowns and dazzling jewels, and scandalous exhibition of intrigue, anger, revenge, hatred and envy…


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