From the history of blouses.

The shirt as underwear, undergarments, shirts established relatively recently. As slowly and painfully long developed a new attitude of people to the culture of life and health.

The most ancient “ancestors” shirts can be attributed to the tunic. He was already in the XIV-XIII centuries BC Tunic had the look of the shirt, but the ancient Greeks, he served as outerwear, only wore it right on the naked body.

The ancient Germans and other peoples who lived to the North, before the others felt the need to ispadnem. Already in the third century B.C. they are under outer garments bore the likeness of a linen shirt. The Romans adopted from the “barbarians” this item of clothing together with pants.

Tunic of wool or flax served as home clothes ancient Roman. It was not a simple piece of cloth, which was kopirovali body. Made of two panels, tunic covered both shoulders, and was worn over the head. At first she had only the side for armhole hands; then she has a short elbow-length sleeves, which were not vivalis, and was formed by the folds of cloth.

Only to the X century the first signs of transformation tunic shirt in. But only in the XIV century the shirt of the finest linen cloth becomes a jewelry person. However, it was not accessible to everyone. So often in the course of walking collars and cuffs as decorations to suit.

In the XIX century in women’s clothing bodice became an independent part. The separation of service on a skirt and blouse is in the mid 40-ies, but only at the end of the century, this fashion is everywhere. The blouse is first called little jacket ready with lacing. The name “blouse” is fixed later.

In the Biedermeier period women wore blouses very fitted, richly decorated with ruches, ruffles, with very wide sleeves. In the modern era appear blouses with high collars-racks, bodice front which is finished with lace, ruffles, etc. In 20-ies of XX century was considered fashionable woman with a childish figure, so skirts are shortened, and blouses are extended, they begin to wear over skirts, they look like a modern shirt. In 30-ies is the reverse process: longer skirts, blouses are shortened and become similar to men’s shirts. In 50-ies Coco Chanel designs very simple model blouse white silk blouse with collar-bow. In subsequent years, the changing styles, fabrics, finishes, but the blouse from fashion does not come out.

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