Fashionable clothing from China

All the more firmly grounded in international fashion in China. Many manufacturers brands aspire to China to get the cheapest Dessau production and high quality. Actively develops and native Chinese fashion, which combines a lot of different directions:

* East neighbors in the face of Japan and South Korea to actively change the youth fashion. It reveal trends anime. It is enough for children and puppet style, which is expressed in minimalism and various decorations. Solid service, decorated with ruffles and bows typical for young people of school age in China.

* Ethnically motivated. The outfits clearly visible touch of local styles that were in Vogue in China Millennium. This intricate patterns that mimic flowers, branches and unusual designs.

* European destinations. Classical tendencies of the old world and the new is clearly manifested in the Chinese fashion. More and more clearly shows the influence of contemporary designers who actively replace any other areas in this rich country.

Such a wonderful combination generates a lot of directions in Chinese fashion. You can now discover the amazing combination of a very unusual outfits that can combine classic European costume with traditional decorative China.

The pace of development of fashion in China rapid. Stronger increases production of various goods. Maas Chinese brands entering the global market, and the well-known Western firms trying to move production to China, as the cost much lower.

But this rotation has a very sad outcome. The quality of Chinese products has not yet achieved great heights, so you should carefully examine the goods from this country, even if they are made under the brand name well-known companies. In addition it is likely a counterfeit is a lot of fake goods in China is amazing.

But gradually the quality of Chinese products is growing. For many brands have entered the world market and occupy a high position, which allowed gradually to increase the credibility of a product from a given state. With such brands actively cooperate Western firms, Addidas and Nike has opened its own production on the basis of the Chinese company, which already from the beginning of the nineties trades on the European market.

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