Fashion dresses spring summer 2014

Without beautiful dresses in the wardrobe of any modern woman would not be quite complete. Maybe that’s why, in the category of fashion dresses spring summer 2014, presented outfits on any most discriminating feminine taste.

New year in the world of fashion is always new trends. What are they the surprises of the new fashion season?

Fashion dresses spring summer 2014: TOP 5

The peplum

Elegant dress – peplum was a great result, skilled borrowing from talented further adjustments of the great masters of the robes, which were peculiar proud to contemporary Ancient Rome. The peculiarity of such fashionable dresses of the season spring-summer – is the presence of the shuttlecock at the waist, giving a feminine fit for more grace and elegance .

Logged a few years ago, fashion dresses spring-summer, will remain relevant in 2014. However, they can be of different lengths, and decorated with a deep neckline or collar stand.

They are made from cotton, linen, satin, lace, chiffon. Therefore, different options are a great way for both secular parties, and office. Colours of these dresses spring-summer decorated in plain colours light green, blue, gray, beige.

Fashion dresses spring-summer can be with a memorable bright prints, very practical in everyday life. And elegant strictly black or white dress will make any evening activities.


Enterprising ladies borrowed from the male wardrobe some details in short sleeves, pockets and a straight silhouette, created a dress-shirt. For the last time this outfit has become much more feminine that it has become the trend of stylish dresses spring-summer season 2014 to the joy of fans, practical, comfortable and simple clothing.

In the collections of fashion dresses spring summer 2014 presents the model of classical solutions in the cell or thin strip, which are usually without belt and bright feminine outfits with all sorts of decorative items. Looks attractive translucent lace toilets with a deep neckline.

In the upcoming season will remain relevant dress-shirts-length to mid-thigh, which has already become a classic of the genre and “on the floor”, decorated with embroidery or lace.

The Style Of Coco Chanel

Where even modern designers to find inspiration for fashion dresses spring summer . as not in the rich artistic legacy of the legendary Coco Chanel. That is why on the catwalks back little black masterpieces – the cause of a revolution in the fashion world the beginning of the last century.

Models from Chanel had no sleeves were straight silhouette with a length above the knee and minimal jewelry. But the trend among fashion dresses spring summer 2014 will be elegant and practical at the same time black dresses with flared skirt.

Fans of good old classics can not refuse evening dresses with deep cleavage. The highlight of them will give a paste made of satin, silk and leather, as well as embroidery and lace.

Women’s fashion dresses spring summer 2014 trends

Designers offer to try this year images with a number of distinctive features. not without appeal. This applies first and foremost, pleated skirts, who was last popular about 20 years ago. With them the modern woman in everyday life will be able to create a fine original and stylish kits .

The distinctive feature of the fashion dresses spring summer 2014 will become translucent fabric, especially the chiffon. Decorated with satin and lace, these images create a special celebratory and festive mood.

Even dresses spring-summer classic straight silhouette include second skirt made of translucent fabric, pick up the tone and give the appearance of femininity.

Fashion dresses spring summer 2014 youth with length just barely reaches mid thigh and bright acid palette may be limited by the minimum of accessories and jewelry. The trend of the upcoming season will be fitted silhouettes, accented by silk, velvet, satin, leather belts of contrasting colors.

The proposed model fashion dresses spring summer 2014 is a wonderful opportunity to enrich your wardrobe with the upcoming spring and place all the emphasis in creating elegant, stylish and feminine look.

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