Dress case for women

Many fat beauties are faced with the problem of choosing dresses. To find shapeless hoodie is not desirable, because curvy shape it is better to emphasize fitting models of dresses. Let your shape and far from ideal, but competently made dress case for women can work wonders.

Its popularity such outfits purchased back in 30-ies. But fashion is cyclical, and today many collections of designers are full of this classic item of women’s wardrobe.

The relevance of the dress is the case at all times

Why dress form case popular from the thirties to the present day? They have a lot of advantages!

Various models of dresses, the case for full help to emphasize strengths and hide the flaws. Correctly selected option will highlight the features of shape and will make the girl slimmer, more attractive.

No collar, sleeves and other minor details, allows the use of clothing in all styles and combinations.

The versatility of the dress are endless. Such clothes can be supplemented scarves, handbags, belts, brooches, necklaces, earrings, changing the image in the desired direction. If the street is spring or autumn, the sheath dress is easy to throw a leather or denim jacket, Bolero or jacket.

Classical dresses represented in the world’s collections Elie Saab, Valentino, Dior, Chanel, which constantly changes shape, models and styles.

Perfect dress for a walk with friends, office of exit, cocktail parties. This is a perfect choice for all women, without exception. The shape and color shades are very diverse.

How to choose a sheath dress?

Choosing among the many options, consider the impact of shades. So warm tones visually add volume, and cold on the contrary it is reduced. Fashion remains different combination of colors in one item of attire.

Always up to date dress case on the full figure with dark inserts on the side. The Central part is usually a contrasting or bright colors. Using this model, you will be able to hide flaws: to highlight the silhouette “hourglass” and to emphasize the waist.

Not forgotten by designers such classic version, as a light top in combination with a dark bottom. This technique allows you to visually draw attention to luxury chest and simultaneously hide full hips and folds at the waist. You should not give preference to solely black and white! Popular are the following combinations: light green and dark green, pale pink, and the color lilac, light grey blue, beige and chocolate. The main trend – choosing a darker bottom compared to the top. Some full girls are proud of lush volume in the upper body. It is advisable to change the color by selecting a dark top and light bottom.

Interesting dress case for full girls style color Block Color Block). This option combines multiple three-dimensional blocks of various shades. This will allow you to simulate the shape, select the correct proportions. Unlike monolithic image, this outfit looks more impressive.

You may prefer animal prints, but keep in mind that it is best to full the girls looks big picture. In addition, to make the shape more elongated’ll vertical stripes.

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