Clothing for women with large breasts

Do not hide a large chest

Many women with puffy Breasts trying to hide her shapeless robes. This is a mistake. Great things only increase the volume and make the bulky figure. Large Breasts do not need to hide her need to emphasize. Screen stars such as Salma Hayek and Anna Semenovich not hide curvy shape, but quite the contrary – picked clothes to file a bust in the most favorable light and to emphasize her femininity.

Fashionable and elegant

What you need to know women with big Breasts to find a beautiful, fashionable clothes and look stylish and attractive?

The first step is the choice of underwear. This is very important. Good support bra with wide straps with no frills (bows and thingies will make the breast more) will betray the breast shape. For a very lush busts suitable corset lingerie with vertical stones.

Fashion 2012 preferred dresses. Women with a large bust may appear in all its glory – modern models are best suited to their body shape. For ladies with large Breasts look strikingly fashionable poluprilegayuschy and silhouettes, and this stylish detail as wide belt deflects attention away from the chest and emphasizes the waist. V-neck or lower triangular neckline makes for a visually chest more than flat.

Do not lag behind dresses most popular blouse. Among fashion models for women with full Breasts fit slightly elongated, shirt cut blouses. Cardigans and jackets it is better to choose with vertical lines cut and wear unbuttoned complete with a blouse in a contrasting color.

Women with large Breasts should not dress up in tight knitted turtlenecks and deaf-fitting things. Not recommended collar – yoke, scarves, blouses with frills and ruffles, chest pockets, brooch. Any emphasis on the chest adds volume. Prohibited any horizontal line in the area of the chest, and wide sleeves. Stylists are advised to choose clothes with floral patterns, dresses and blouses in the Empire style with a high waist.



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