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Discrimination based on gender. Only this time it affects men :)Now if a woman sleep with a couple dozen men – she is definitely a whore. And if a man is with a couple dozen women he Lovelace and it is not bad. Why? Again discrimination. Improper training – that’s what I think. And even where it has gone – it is necessary to search in the depths of history.

Why female bisexuality are more tolerant than men?

prejudice and grafted society “rules”.most people prefer not to think about these issues and topics, and simple to follow and believe in it, as is customary.

Maybe because of sexual intercourse, as such, between the girls is not happening. Besides, imagine if the guy is a fag, but still active (very active), then any straight next to him subconsciously feels in danger, and the girl with the girl, in fact, nothing really mentally incurable cannot do.

I think the reasoning on this subject can relieve many respected prejudices and illusions. So better make a joke :))

now read on leisure reparatii the works of Freud not bad to read

Because sodomy is described in the Bible as sin and such women are not in such a clear form. But the Bible has had a major impact on the assessment of the morality in the world. Here is the answer.

2 Fieryэффективные methods of treatment to provide svietimo the heart of the matter, who is? women or men?

To Supplement No. 1: Actually, the guy who shows interest in cute guys, even calling themselves “BI”, and have a fag! According to the medical definition of homosexuality is a sexual orientation, manifested in erotic attraction PRIMARILY OR EXCLUSIVELY to people of the same sex. So, speaking in simple language, bisexual is a faggot who can with a woman. This is why male bisexuality are particularly negatively!

Archangel, perhaps you are confused by the member.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

bisexuality love sex

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