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With the improvement of living standards, the requirements of the Chinese in relation to clothes become higher and higher. That is why the garment industry of the country is starting to move from simple processing and Assembly line production to branded production and thorough treatment. In recent years in China there were many great designers, new brands of clothes.

At the end of 2002 was held in Beijing for the annual international fashion week. It was the fifth Grand fashion forum in the capital of China. In the hall our correspondent met with the English correspondent Roger Tredre dressed in warm Chinese jacket that is shaped much like a quilted jacket. He said that the Chinese clothing today otlichaetsya only careful stitching, but also has high quality and originality of the model. Today in China there were many models of clothes of famous brands. Roger Tredre says: “the second time I came to China to participate in International fashion week. Last year, when I first visited Beijing in this forum fashion, I was quite surprised in China, so many fashion designers. More development of the garment industry of China. For the year in Beijing there were many new fashion stores that sell dress new brands both Chinese and foreign.”

Not only the Englishman Roger, but many indigenous Chinese, looking around, wonder what huge changes are happening in how to dress up the Chinese. Look at the people on the street, pay attention to style their clothes: international fashion fuses with the local style Chinese clothes… in short, becomes more beautiful wardrobe of the Chinese.

Changes in the style of Chinese garment more pronounced in female dress. Walking along the street, you will encounter several different styles of women’s dresses. Graceful shape, original styles and distinctive models make people forget about everything. For example, women’s dress brand Sifang produced in Liaoning province, successfully combining the strictness of formal wear and freedom of fashion, European style and feature of the Asian styles, looks simple but very original.

Today, mens suits in China have also become more stylish than before. Mr. Zhang Feng told our correspondent that now men’s suits, in his opinion, better than women, but their brand is not so famous only because businesses do not pay to advertise their products needed attention. He said, Mens suits sewn very well with the style, quality sewing and materials our suits some brands are not inferior to foreign. However, they need to advertise their products.

Mens suits brands Shanshan, Bosisto, Loman and other types of men’s clothing with high quality and strict style, are very popular among men. According to the demand by a Chinese fashion magazines, the vast majority of Chinese men believe that Patriotic costumes satisfy them.

Some types of clothing made from special materials such as feather and fur clothing, are famous products in the world of Chinese garment workers. So, for example, down clothes brands Boden produced in Jiangsu province, for 7 consecutive years ranked first in the implementation of the Asian continent. And fur clothing brand Dunnahoo (Manchurian tiger) that is produced in the city of Harbin, certainly, I know many Russians.

We Chairman fur company Dunnahoo Mr. Zhang Jifen we learned that the clothing brand Dunnahoo today attracts many foreign buyers and the factory has orders for months ahead. Mr. Zhang Jifen says: Our company focuses on the international market and a leader in the industry. 70 percent of our production goes for export, for example, in Russia, the USA, Italy and France.

Zhang Jifen told us that the company Dunnahoo there are 6 designers, who came from France, Italy and China. Abroad the firm has 4 offices, who are tasked with tracking fashion in the world. Today in China, many clothing companies exporting their products abroad, like the enterprise Dunnahoo.

Model Chinese clothing attract the attention of foreign businessmen to its new and elegant style. It combines Western and Eastern culture. As reported, among textiles and clothing exporting annually in the world, continuously increasing the share of products with fine sewing and products with high added value.

However, experts admit that the Chinese garment industry still exist many problems. They believe that although the quality of Chinese clothing is constantly increasing, there are many designers and many brands, but are still noticeable differences compared with the international advanced level, and low level integrated modeling is the main cause of this difference.

Vice-Chairman of China Association of apparel industry Wang Qing said: Weak project ability is the main drawback of Chinese apparel industry. Although over the past few years in China there was a large group of highly skilled designers, but due to the fact that we scale the garment industry is very large, they are still lacking.

If only to raise the level designers, said Mr. Wang Qing, a clothing industry of China will be able to integrate into the international fashion and Chinese apparel in a wide range will be able to enter the international market.

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